The cardboard box paradox

Just came back from the post office. The ABS helmet kit and two pair of styrene shoe shells are now unpacked and placed somewhere in my dorm room. I’m kind of running out of space, and a lot of effort have been spent on trying to stack things up in the heights. I don’t have a clue what to do when the arms and legs arrive. I think I might have to create a temporary sleeping spot under the dinner table to be able to have all the cardboard boxes in my own dorm room.

A common problem with getting things shipped out in cardboard boxes, is that they come nicely packed and stacked perfectly together. But after it has been opened, and all parts have been taken out, tried on, touched on and thrown around, it’s impossible to get them all properly stacked back in the box in the same position as they came in. This applies especially for the Stormtrooper. The following pictures should confirm my observations:

Feels like forever, but the package is finally here..

Open sesame.Here I tried to put things back, but I think I just gave up..

Bonus picture, styrene shoe shells. Because it’s trendy.


R2-D2 doing the 2-3-2 transition.

Thought I’d share this awesome video I found while surfing youtube.

Most R2-units move in the static 3-leg position, but a few Astromech builders have taken the next step to recreate the so-called 2-3-2 transition. I don’t have a clue about how they do it, but it certainly is impressing. Recreating this move is hard both due to the modifications involved, one should also bear in mind that the whole unit might weight more than 80-100 kilograms, just to find the correct center of gravity during the transition must be quite a demanding job!

The following clip is one of the best transitions I’ve seen so far because it happends so fast, and the move is the one closest to screen resemblance IMO. Please note that no functional R2-units in the movies had this 2-3-2 transition capability!

2-3-2 transition

6th Sunday Armor Party – Back mod in progress.

Today marked the 6th weekend sunday workshop held by local troopers (6 workshops in a row, that’s quite impressive!). A total of 16 troopers showed up last week, that’s a new record for Trondheim. We’ve started to refer to these gatherings as “Trondheim Armor Factories” as four troopers are currently working on each of their sandtrooper armor at the same time.

This sunday we were 13, but still quite impressive considering how many we were just one year ago. Armor workshops (or armor parties at people would like to refer it), are basically a social thing where troopers, members, non-members, nerds, costume-interested people, ewoks, gungans, wookiees and droids can gather together; talk about costumes, work on costumes, try on eachother’s costumes, discuss costume ideas and so on. The term armor party might be a bit misleading, as it may refer to drinking, dancing and alcohol consumption; we do NOT recommend drinking of alcoholic beverages at such an party unless you want to experience the unfortunate results of expensive costumes and power tools, or the risk of hurting yourself or other people.

With the Stormtrooper, I am used to dress up myself without much needed help, but Threepio requires so many helping hands, which I find hard to adopt to. Armor parties have been very helpful, as it’s the only place where I can get help to try on the Threepio-parts and thus plan the different modifications to come.

Currently in progress: Today I’ve wet sanded the shorts and prepared them for fiberglass modification. I’ve also cut open the box in the back, such that the back mod can be implemented with rare earth magnets (please see pictures below). The idea is to make the back box detachable. Considering the lack of space for electronics in Threepio, the back will be the place to squeeze in amplifiers and other necessities. I would like to have a panic button there installed somewhere for instance, and it should be red and circular (end joke). The controls for the LED lights for the eyes should be accessable from the back, as well with the amplifier.

oblagon’s wearable C3PO

oblagon over at the rpf (replicapropforum) shared these wonderful pictures with the public back in 2010. The chroming work is absolutely of one of the best quality I’ve seen so far, and really sets the costume apart.

The fact is that this guy’s 6ft (around 182 cm), exactly my height. I remember c-ing (hohoh) his thread over at rpf, and it totally convinced me to start on my own Threepio. The height issue might not be that critical after all.

Here’s a freaky picture of him without the helmet front half, it looks like his face has been photoshopped into the picture :). Yes, the helmet is that tight!

Please note that he is sporting the small TK409 chest. How people manage to squeeze into that one is just beyond me.

The rest of his thread can be found at rpf. Unfortunately, oblagon sold his suit shortly after these pictures were taken.

“The Rebel Base” presented through the Internet Wayback Machine

The year is 2001, Youtube did not exist, and ICQ was the preferred instant messaging program. looked like this. Two years had passed since The Phantom Menace was released, and the two blockbuster movies that year were Fellowship and Sorcerer’s Stone. Britney was still dating Justin, and Backstreet Boys were topping the billboards.

Anyways, here’s the story of a 13 year old kid trying to make his first website in html. Thanks to The Internet Wayback Machine, old memories are brought back. Let me present “The Rebel Base”, my own personal website made in 2001. It’s kind of amazing to think about, this was actually 10 years ago!

Interesting enough, it doesn’t seem like I’ve changed much (luckily, my english writing has improved a bit, thank god). Take a look on this page (titled: SW fanatics) for instance. The following list was written by myself, and looking back on this 10 years later, I find this freakingly accurate;

-You walks like C-3PO everywhere. CHECK

-You must touch, or see everything with STARWARS written on. CHECK

-You can’t live one day without having your StarWars T-Shirt on your body. CHECK

-You tryes to make a REAL lightsaber…..but you r still not finished!

-You goes to Pentagon, and asking for if they have seen a Millenium Falcon sized UFO.

-You buys a dog, and calls is Chewie.

-Your REAL name is “Star Wars Fan”.

-You are clumsy like Jar Jar Binks. CHECK

-Your mum’s name is Amidala, and your father’s name is Anakin (Then your name is Luke).

-You search after a map where it’s written Tatooine on, or Naboo ect. CHECK

-You have destroyed a Rebel Base somewhere in the Galaxy.

-Your neighbour IS George Lucas.

-You goes to a junk shop, seaching after some old metal, and makes a C3-PO Costume. CHECK

-You dont like to play football, but you still do, because the ball is like a bounching deathstar.

I dare you to visit the about page!

Nostalgia FTW.

Restraining bolt

A small update, I got an Astromech Club official restraining bolt from Geir, who is currently building an R2 Unit in Oslo. The restraining bolt is in machined aluminium, with a strong magnet glued to its underside. I plan on putting a piece of metal/magnet under the torso as well, such that the restraining bolt can be put on/taken off while being in costume. That’s gonna be awesome!

The restraining bolt needs a bit of weathering, and detailing with Humbrol enamel black paint, and probably some cloth glued to its underside such that it doesn’t scratch off the VM’d-gold surface.

Here’s Threepio wearing the restraining bolt under Jawa-captivity. Remember that Threepio’s arms cannot be bent such that it can be taken off my himself 😉