The fiberglass helmet issue.

The fiberglass helmet arrived before the torso, and is of the correct screen accurate size. The quality is really great, with sharp details and really thick gelcoat/fiberglass. Because it is a gelcoat/fiberglass construction, and not a (resin) roto-cast piece..and quite thick, I can’t get my head into it. Yes you heard it right, I don’t fit into the “Starbuck Cylon” Threepio Helmet.

It seems like my cheek bones are simply in the way, thus preventing me to get the front half on. Two other small bones on the back of my head, just near the ears makes it impossible for me to get past the “horse-shoe” of the helmet back half. No words can describe how dissappointed I am after discovering this, I thought about sanding off small areas on the front half just to reduce the thickness of the fiberglass, and to get my cheek bones through, but this was not recommended by people over at the c3pobuilder’s forum because one could risk to remove all the fiberglass, only leaving a thin layer of brittle and fragile gelcoat – and that’s just asking for trouble..strength wise. The horse shoe part of the helmet is impossible to solve.

My only hope is then the “Starbuck Cylon” ABS helmet kit. It should fit, or else I’m off to the plastic surgeon to spend my last $ $ $ left-overs on cheek bone removal and behind-ear-bones (duh..) reduction surgeries. I’ll put this as plan B.

Threepio head options (because the fiberglass wont fit!):
A) ABS Helmet Kit
B) Surgery
C) Magical helmet shrinking ceremony (

Let’s cross all our fingers on the ABS version being the solution, or else..I’m running out of realistic solutions.


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