“Clutch Earring Backs” and Chewing gum for more screen accuracy

On sunday I got three “clutch earring backs” from AC (Thanks! Now I don’t have to go on eBay and buy the 500 or 1000-pack of these, jeez!). These earring backs (still don’t know what they are really used for. Something for the ear rings? Never used ear rings before, so I don’t have a clue). These stuff are really really small, and I am death scared of starting to lose them.

Anyways, these ear-stuff should be quite screen accurate, as Threepio has exactly three of these “knobs” place on the chest. Here’s a close up from a Star Wars Exhibition:

Haven’t figured out yet how I am going to fasten these stuff, (maybe drill a hole through and find some tiny tiny tiny screws?) so I just used chewi(e)ng gum as something temporary. No, I’m not gonna eat that chewing gum again.

I have yet find out what the large knob is. For the picture, I actually accidentally found a plastic bit on the front door floor which I used for the picture. It looks pretty good, so I am actually thinking about just modifying this for the knob. I have no clue what it is, or why it was laying on the floor. Shhh..if my parents come and ask for it.


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