“The Rebel Base” presented through the Internet Wayback Machine

The year is 2001, Youtube did not exist, and ICQ was the preferred instant messaging program. http://www.starwars.com looked like this. Two years had passed since The Phantom Menace was released, and the two blockbuster movies that year were Fellowship and Sorcerer’s Stone. Britney was still dating Justin, and Backstreet Boys were topping the billboards.

Anyways, here’s the story of a 13 year old kid trying to make his first website in html. Thanks to The Internet Wayback Machine, old memories are brought back. Let me present “The Rebel Base”, my own personal website made in 2001. It’s kind of amazing to think about, this was actually 10 years ago!

Interesting enough, it doesn’t seem like I’ve changed much (luckily, my english writing has improved a bit, thank god). Take a look on this page (titled: SW fanatics) for instance. The following list was written by myself, and looking back on this 10 years later, I find this freakingly accurate;

-You walks like C-3PO everywhere. CHECK

-You must touch, or see everything with STARWARS written on. CHECK

-You can’t live one day without having your StarWars T-Shirt on your body. CHECK

-You tryes to make a REAL lightsaber…..but you r still not finished!

-You goes to Pentagon, and asking for if they have seen a Millenium Falcon sized UFO.

-You buys a dog, and calls is Chewie.

-Your REAL name is “Star Wars Fan”.

-You are clumsy like Jar Jar Binks. CHECK

-Your mum’s name is Amidala, and your father’s name is Anakin (Then your name is Luke).

-You search after a map where it’s written Tatooine on, or Naboo ect. CHECK

-You have destroyed a Rebel Base somewhere in the Galaxy.

-Your neighbour IS George Lucas.

-You goes to a junk shop, seaching after some old metal, and makes a C3-PO Costume. CHECK

-You dont like to play football, but you still do, because the ball is like a bounching deathstar.

I dare you to visit the about page!

Nostalgia FTW.

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