oblagon’s wearable C3PO

oblagon over at the rpf (replicapropforum) shared these wonderful pictures with the public back in 2010. The chroming work is absolutely of one of the best quality I’ve seen so far, and really sets the costume apart.

The fact is that this guy’s 6ft (around 182 cm), exactly my height. I remember c-ing (hohoh) his thread over at rpf, and it totally convinced me to start on my own Threepio. The height issue might not be that critical after all.

Here’s a freaky picture of him without the helmet front half, it looks like his face has been photoshopped into the picture :). Yes, the helmet is that tight!

Please note that he is sporting the small TK409 chest. How people manage to squeeze into that one is just beyond me.

The rest of his thread can be found at rpf. Unfortunately, oblagon sold his suit shortly after these pictures were taken.


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