6th Sunday Armor Party – Back mod in progress.

Today marked the 6th weekend sunday workshop held by local troopers (6 workshops in a row, that’s quite impressive!). A total of 16 troopers showed up last week, that’s a new record for Trondheim. We’ve started to refer to these gatherings as “Trondheim Armor Factories” as four troopers are currently working on each of their sandtrooper armor at the same time.

This sunday we were 13, but still quite impressive considering how many we were just one year ago. Armor workshops (or armor parties at people would like to refer it), are basically a social thing where troopers, members, non-members, nerds, costume-interested people, ewoks, gungans, wookiees and droids can gather together; talk about costumes, work on costumes, try on eachother’s costumes, discuss costume ideas and so on. The term armor party might be a bit misleading, as it may refer to drinking, dancing and alcohol consumption; we do NOT recommend drinking of alcoholic beverages at such an party unless you want to experience the unfortunate results of expensive costumes and power tools, or the risk of hurting yourself or other people.

With the Stormtrooper, I am used to dress up myself without much needed help, but Threepio requires so many helping hands, which I find hard to adopt to. Armor parties have been very helpful, as it’s the only place where I can get help to try on the Threepio-parts and thus plan the different modifications to come.

Currently in progress: Today I’ve wet sanded the shorts and prepared them for fiberglass modification. I’ve also cut open the box in the back, such that the back mod can be implemented with rare earth magnets (please see pictures below). The idea is to make the back box detachable. Considering the lack of space for electronics in Threepio, the back will be the place to squeeze in amplifiers and other necessities. I would like to have a panic button there installed somewhere for instance, and it should be red and circular (end joke). The controls for the LED lights for the eyes should be accessable from the back, as well with the amplifier.


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