R2-D2 doing the 2-3-2 transition.

Thought I’d share this awesome video I found while surfing youtube.

Most R2-units move in the static 3-leg position, but a few Astromech builders have taken the next step to recreate the so-called 2-3-2 transition. I don’t have a clue about how they do it, but it certainly is impressing. Recreating this move is hard both due to the modifications involved, one should also bear in mind that the whole unit might weight more than 80-100 kilograms, just to find the correct center of gravity during the transition must be quite a demanding job!

The following clip is one of the best transitions I’ve seen so far because it happends so fast, and the move is the one closest to screen resemblance IMO. Please note that no functional R2-units in the movies had this 2-3-2 transition capability!

2-3-2 transition


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