The cardboard box paradox

Just came back from the post office. The ABS helmet kit and two pair of styrene shoe shells are now unpacked and placed somewhere in my dorm room. I’m kind of running out of space, and a lot of effort have been spent on trying to stack things up in the heights. I don’t have a clue what to do when the arms and legs arrive. I think I might have to create a temporary sleeping spot under the dinner table to be able to have all the cardboard boxes in my own dorm room.

A common problem with getting things shipped out in cardboard boxes, is that they come nicely packed and stacked perfectly together. But after it has been opened, and all parts have been taken out, tried on, touched on and thrown around, it’s impossible to get them all properly stacked back in the box in the same position as they came in. This applies especially for the Stormtrooper. The following pictures should confirm my observations:

Feels like forever, but the package is finally here..

Open sesame.Here I tried to put things back, but I think I just gave up..

Bonus picture, styrene shoe shells. Because it’s trendy.


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