Because kungfu shoes and styrene shoe shells are fashionably “in” nowadays.

A few days ago I used a Stanley knife to do a basic trim of the excess material around the styrene shoe shell. I realized that the plastic is really thin some places, which will need fiberglass-resin reinforcement before it can be made totally wearable.

I’ve bought a fiberglass-resin paste which is really good for reinforcement and basic repairs. The plan is to both fasten some elastic under the shoe shells, and to reinforce the whole thing with this paste. A rough concept illustration can be found below:

TK-409 recommends wearing “kungfu” shoes underneath the styrene shoe shells, which can be held in place with elastics (like the picture above shows). These kungfu shoes are made in textile, and got a rubber sole. Their low profile makes it perfect to fit under the plastic styrene shells, which I did try. I had to borrow my flat mate’s kungfu shoes for these pictures as I don’t yet have my own atm, but these are super cheap and shouldn’t be a problem to buy at all. The styrene plastic shells should fit people below european size 43-44 (max!) and US size 10-11.

I can mention that I did not trim away much of the top of the shoe when the picture was taken, the plastic is really sharp, and made walking extremely painful and difficult…but the fun thing was that the classic “Threepio” walk came by itself by wearing these extremely stiff and uncomfortable shoes. Oh well, aren’t we made to suffer after all – it’s our LOT IN LIFE (grin)?

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