The Silicone Mould Release Issue

I’ve been working on the ABS Helmet kit for almost 3 hours straight now..outside. This is due to the use of fiberglass and the dremel tool which produces both toxic fume and fine dust. Fiberglass dust should not be inhaled as it is basically glass in a very fine powder form, you don’t want to get that in your lungs…and start doing the Vader breath – unvoluntarily!

Anyways, the ABS helmet build is progressing nicely. Working with this kit is really fun, and I hope I get to modify this somehow so I can get my head into it, after all…that was the purpose of getting the ABS helmet.

Today I trimmed both the front and back halves of the helmet. I have reinforced the eye socket holes, the mouth and the backside of the helmet with fiberglass from the inside of the helmet. I’ve had to stop building because I reached a point where I have to glue on the resin horse shoe. The problem is that all resin parts have silicone mould release on them, which has to be removed before I can start gluing. The silicone release will prevent any paint/primer etc. to stick to the this is crucial.

I’m now awaiting LE to come back from his offshore trip so that he can guide me through the process of properly cleaning resin parts. I think he has some professional silicone removing agent at work which I might use.

Here are the trimmed helmet halves. The front part still needs a lot of work around the edges. I am planning to sculpt some sharper edges around the mouth and nose to increase the sharpness/detailness of the helmet using Milliput. Let’s see how that’ll turn out.

Here’s the fiberglass reinforcement I did. The front of the 3PO helmet looks like something taken out from a horror movie – now that’s a movie I wanna see!


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