We’re doomed..

Panic time!

I suddendly realized that the fiberglass putty I used yesterday doesn’t stick properly to the ABS helmet surface. When I bend the helmet slightly, the fiberglass (the green stuff on the picture on the previous post) just peels off. If you can imagine separating chocolate on silver foil, that’s how it went off the helmet surface! I don’t know who to blame or what to do now, so;

R2-D2 it’s all your fault!

I will not give up that easily, so with some rational thinking, I’ve come up with a set of realistic solutions:

1) Buy some fiberglass mats and polyester resin, and then glass the whole front of the helmet together with a small portion of the side as well. If I somehow align the fiberglass mat in the correct position, it will flex with the ABS and not remain sturdy and just break off. The fiberglass putty does not have the same flex as fiberglass-polyester-resin mix. I have to wait for LE to return back so I can do this in his workshop.

2) Sand the whole helmet with sandpaper as to give the resin a better surface to adhere to.

3) Give up the whole 3PO project and donate all my parts to a flea market.

4) Plastic operation on my face so I can return back to using the fiberglass helmet.

Sorry for the unseriousness of this post, I needed a bit of sarcasm/humor to comfort myself. Move along, move along. Ah, I wish I was building a Stormtrooper, it’s a bit easier.


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