Currys & PC World Megastore

Currys & PC World Megastore, El-giganten, Elkjøp…my godness! It’s so confusing.

Anyways, in these days, Elkjøp (Nordic Electronics retailer) has a commercial with R2D2 and 3PO airing quite frequently. I did see this commercial some time ago when it was released (this was almost 1 year ago), but it was originally created for “Currys & PC World Megastore”. Somehow, it seems like Elkjøp is trying to use this for their advantage for the BluRay release these days. The funny thing is the norwegian subtitles, which I find very amusing and enjoyable to watch.

It’s good to see these two characters on the screen again. There are only 4 excisting C-3PO costumes left from filming of the Star Wars Saga (ref: . A few suits are displayed in various museums around the world, and sometimes they are taken out and used for commercials. 3PO is actually played by Anthony Daniels in this commercial, quite special if one takes into account that he no longer do frequent performances in the suit.

After looking through this commercial a few times, I thought I’d share a couple of things I noticed when watching this (mostly regarding the props and costumes used in these clips). Now, this suit doesn’t have the silver right leg, present in most suits used in OT. This may lead me to think that it is a ROTS suit (which was one of the original suits rechromed for filming the prequels). From the chroming work on the shorts, and from the way AD walks, it looks like he’s sporting the fiberglass shorts. Also, some shots feature a CGI (Computer generated) R2, rather than the actual (real life) prop.

With time reference to the original commercial:

@0:20: (Part CGI, part real prop?) R2-D2 (No real prop could do this move, except for a specially modified one used for the Dagobah scenes in ESB, but I suspect KB was inside R2-D2 and using his own legs to push it up).

@0:30: Close up on the 3PO rubber shoes.

@0:32: If you look closely on the left (lower) screen, at the height of 3PO’s shin you can actually see a stage hand controlling the small..droid, ehrm…robot on the floor.

@0:44: Part CGI, part real prop R2-D2 falling over.

@0:52: It still puzzles me how it is possible to do those movements in the suit. I guess I’ll find out when my parts arrive..

Here is the Norwegian (Elkjøp)-version:

While the original commercial is found here (Hi-Def quality):

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