Walk of pain

I realized that the kungfu shoes I originally planned to wear, had soles which were a bit too wide for the shoe shells. But luckily (it’s funny how I keep finding stuff which magically seem to appear from nowhere, and which I can use for this project), I got a pair of 4$ sneakers laying around which I bought in Beijing a decade ago (no kidding). They were originally a bit too small for casual wear, but they fit the Threepio shoe shell pretty well. Its low profile, and dark green rubber sole is really comfortable to walk in. Otherwise it’s in this plain white cotton which I plan to spray paint gold later. The shoes are pretty similar to these: And when I tried to google more about these shoes, I found this page. Seems like Kristen Stewart wear these types of shoes…anyways, that was a slight digression.

Today I tested the sneakers together with the shoe shells. Last time I tried the shoe shell on, I only covered one foot. Today I realized that the other (opposite) shoe shell is a tad smaller than the other, it’s also a bit deformed. People over at c3pobuilders club talked about this as well, but it’s not actually a major problem, it’s incredible how much space you can compress by just squeezing body parts :). I don’t have access to a digital camera at the moment, so pictures have to wait.

Now you might think it’s just sliding these shoe shells on and then you’re ready to walk? Hm..I wish it was that easy :S. Firstly, the shoe shells need trimming, especially around the ankle area. One is supposed to leave some of the plastic there as to let the calves slip over the shoe shells, but the way it is now, I literally had tears in my eyes when I was ‘trying’ to run walk swipe my feet across the floor, and mind you, that was not (only) happy tears, that was also painful sharp plastic digging-into-the-angle-tears. Now I just have to find ways to make elastics/shoe laces to fasten the actual shell to the sneakers, that might be a bit more complicated than anticipated, but hey…that’s part of the fun as well!

Another thing I should mention is that the small hinges for the arm, together with the rare earth magnets for the back cover AND the mini bungee cords have arrived! Thank you eBay, you rock.


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