Milliput + Rotocasting resin = Bad idea

It’s been quiet lately on this blog, this is not because I’ve not done anything on the build, but different stuff tend to pop up (“typical”, as Threepio would say). I can tell that I am still awaiting the LAST fiberglass parts I’ve ordered from TK409. Last time it took exactly 8 weeks from I ordered (and paid for the parts) until I got them. Now, almost 9 weeks have passed. I guess I just have to be more patient. TK409 have never lost any parts during shipping before, so I am confident that these will show up soon.

The only parts that really take time to work on is actually the helmet, which I did some work on yesterday. I’ve tried to sharpen the details on both of the front and back with Milliput. But this job is painstaking and time consuming as the milliput needs at least 6-12 hours curing time, and then I have to sand everything in between, and not to forget to prime everything. Then this process is repeated until the parts are all smoothed out, and all trace of modifications on the surface have become non-visible.

I also realized that Milliput gets soft when being exposed to rotocasting resin residue. (Milliput is a two-part sculpting (putty) epoxy which is for sculpting and repairing of for instance model kits or porcelain. It’s really versatile, and once cured, it’s stone hard and can be drilled in. It’s great for filling up gaps and smoothing out surfaces.) After using some of the resin to build up thickness the behind of the front plate, some of the resin residue (clear liquid stuff from the non-hardened resin) got in contact with the Milliput details I sculpted. And a little disaster struck; All the milliput have softened, and it doesn’t seem they want to cure again, so now I have to peel these off, clean it and sculpt some details again. No hard feelings…one learn by making mistakes. I will take pictures when I’ve got to work a bit on the helmet, because now, it looks like a big mess. It looks like somebody took Threepio’s head and dipped him in sour cream.

So folks, Milliput and rotocasting resin hate eachother, so please make sure to keep them separated at any cost!


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