A brief summary of an ordinary day (for the very specially interested).

All right, because I just want to write something before I got to bed (don’t you just love two posts a day?), I thought I’d give a brief summary of what I’ve done today. I think this summary is a good representation of what I do 92,5% of my time when I am not building the droid. So after reading this post, I hope you’ll see that I’m quite like the random person you might stumble across on at the street.

08:45 – Woke up, breakfast. No lectures today.

09:49 – A 15 min bus ride to Tyholt (Marin Teknisk Senter).

10:15 – Door into my office is opened.

10:20 – Turned on laptop, chit chatted with the rest of my office.

10:30 – Start working on Matlab exercise 2 in Marine Dynamic Analysis.

11:15 – Stuck on the exercise 2. Went to another office to consult with two other students. Got some valuable insight into the exercise problem.

11:22 – Started to talk about Star Wars with the two same students, agreed to use the auditorium at school to watch Star Wars (the theatrical release) on friday night. Watched the following youtube clip, and disturbed the other people in the office with our mocking of Vader being a cry-baby in the new BluRay release.

11:30 – Back to own office. Starting to write the Matlab script for the exercise 2.

14:30 – Lunch break.

15:00 – Back to own office. Continued the work.

16:26 – Got a SMS from Geir Sire (Astromech builder from Oslo) that he was in town for two days working with the theatre light system in Trondheim.

16:51 – Catched the bus to Trondheim Torg, stopped by the local post office to pick up the following book. Started to rain.

17:05 – Walked into the wrong hotel and knocked on the wrong door (“Typical”).

17:15 – Found Geir and his co-worker in the correct hotel. Recieved a super exclusive “Norwegian Astromech Builder’s group” patch from Geir.

17:45 – Realized that I have too little time to make a proper dinner. Bought a frozen pizza.

17:54 – Entering the apartment, eating a quick dinner together with room mates.

18:39 – Bicycling to break training.

19:00 – Break training starts.

21:50 – Break training ends, streched out a bit after all the dancing. Dead tired. Wanted to go home and go to bed.

22:00 – Walking back home in the rain, getting soaking wet.

22:30 – Back home. Checking oat meal for insects. Eating oat meal with milk. Check the milk again for floating/hidden insects while eating.

00:26 – Writing last blog entry.

00:30 – Bed time. Lecture from 08:15 tomorrow!

That concludes my day.


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