Chest greeblies are away!

“Sir, if any of my circuits or gears
will help, I’ll gladly donate them.”

It seems that I had a few surplus brass chest greeblies (which I got machined out at the lab/workshop at univ). Because I simply did not have use for these, I donated these to two other droid builders who enquired these at the c3po-builders club. After all, it’s all about being in a great community and helping people out. As to quote a certain droid builder:

“We droids are few and far between and need to help eachother đŸ™‚

He definitely has a point there. So now, surplus brass chest greeblies have been sent out to two fellow protocol-builder’s in the US and Canada.

So, when I already got your attention..I would like to thank everyone who have helped me, either with tips and advices, or lending me tools, donating parts to me, or simply commented my build along the way (You know who you are ;)). Feedback really helps, bad or good. There’s always room for improvement when making props and costumes. The goal is after all to recreate a great character and to bring some the real magic to people. Protocol out..


“No matter what I do, I’ll come to the same end…termination.”

No matter what I do, I’ll come to the same end…termination.
This is one of the strangest EU (expanded universe) characters I’ve ever stumbled across. Let me present C-3PX, Cybot Galactica 3PX-series protocol droid programmed as an assassin droid. (There you also got a neat way of joining the 501st with a protocol, don’t think there are any at all in the Garrison so far.)
According to wookieepedia, C-3PX was acquired by Darth Maul (I confused now) and worked as his assistant. C-3PX featured eighty-three weapons, some of them which were neatly concealed under different parts of its droid body. From the various official picture sources, it is also seems like he carries at least 3 different BFGs at any time; now that’s a good excuse to buy an DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle or a T-21 light repeating blaster. C-3PX is further described being a cold, calculating droid, who dispatched those he was commanded to kill easily.
Below is an interesting picture of C-3PO (TK-409) and a home made C-3PX from Dragoncon! Looks confusing right? Must be really freakish for the public to see a protocol droid armed with blasters, I can’t even think of any places to wear such a costume except Celebration. Even then, I think people will get confused!
It should be noted that the original C-3PO costume was not designed to hold any large weapons. The joints and hands are simply too restrictive, and considering the fact that one can barely move, the practical issues of handling any extra props such as blasters strapped on the back etc would be too many.
Anyways, still an..ehm..let us say an interesting and colorful addition to the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Maybe someone should make an assassin R2 Unit to accompany C-3PX?…
RX-D2? R2-X2? X2-Z2?
The opportunities are endless folks!

To do list before Beijing.

All right, the puzzles start to fall into correct places now. Still got hours of work to do on the droid, but looks like I’m on the right track. The weather here has also been on my side lately, usually it would’ve started to snow, but so far it’s been nothing..still a bit chilly, but overall good conditions for priming outside.

I’ve installed the screen accurate hole-rivets for the styrene shoe shells, so the shoes are good to go, still need golden shoe laces though, but that shouldn’t be too hard to fix. A hatch is currently being glued and later fiberglassed over, these are to keep the two lower legs together, so far it looks very promising, and very screen accurate. WK over at C3PO-builder’s forum did a very clever mod on his helmet to secure the front halve to the back, I am working on the same solution now. Here are his pictures:

The head antenna is then screwed into the back halve, while the small metal pin on the front keeps the front in-place with the help of the antenna. If I recall correctly, they did the same thing for A New Hope as well?..

Below shows the shoe shells with installed hole-rivets (thanks to LE for lending me his rivet toolset):

To help myself keep track on the remaining stuff to do, I’ve created the following list:

  1. Head antenna-mod as inspired by WK.
  2. Priming head
  3. Cutting open the hand plates
  4. Cutting the fiberglass fingers
  5. Priming the shorts (inside and outside)
  6. Install the ear ring backs (don’t know how to do this yet..)
  7. Drill holes and attach detail-greeblies on arms and legs
  8. Cut out the rubber belly section, glue suede on the inside for better comfort
  9. Install wirings on the rubber belly section, on the arms and behind the knee
  10. Install the circular greeblies on the upper legs
  11. Make a new neck seal
  12. Wet sand all parts with fine-grit sand paper before vacuum metallizing
  13. Install eye lights
  14. Drill in the holes and attach shoulder bell to shoulder ring
  15. Buy new screws for the torso
  16. Finish painting the restraining bolt
  17. Pack stuff for transport
  18. Finish project thesis and exams! (DOH!)

“I tend to be a little bit more included now..”

Here’s an interesting video interview of a post-ANH AD (The still image before the youtube-clip is played cracks me up every time). AD tells a lot about how it was to be in the suit, and from this clip, we know that he is 5’7, around 1.73m.

It’s funny to hear about how the film company did not want anyone to know that there was a real human being inside Threepio.

Pinched, pinch·ing, pinch·es

Pinch of the skin

The term “pinch” often refers to the action being taken on the skin. A pinch of the skin displaces the skin and blood beneath from its natural position, and may inflict a minor degree of pain, which may increase if the amount of skin being pinched is smaller, but is usually tolerable to most.

Pinching the skin can result in pinch marks, a cutaneous condition.

All right, seems like the build is proceeding with light-speed. I’ve been working on the suit the last 3 hours, and it seems like things are starting to take shape, and it’s basically in a semi-wearable condition, although a lot of details and work remains. But hey, it fits after all, and you can always live with a bit of pain.

What I realized today, is that the shorts really is the trouble area. And I totally understand why they changed over to rubber shorts in ESB and ROTJ. Mobility is so restricted. Because I had to modify the fiberglass shorts to fit me, and plus the fact that I am a bit taller than AD, it leaves a few gaps here and there, as the thighs doesn’t cover the bottom part of the shorts everywhere. The Disney/TK-409 C-3PO is like this as well, but they seem to have much more mobility than me. Walking as it is now is painful. The shorts pinches in two places, however it is possible to learn the proper walking as to avoid this pinch. But when it really pinches, it’s so painful that I basically scream like a cry-baby, just out of pure instinct. It’s like the normal armor bite..power of two! (For those who don’t know what armor bites are; it’s something stormtroopers often experience when they first troop in their armor. It’s caused by a new (and unused, often badly trimmed) armor pinching. Risk areas are behind the knees and around the middle arm joints. Usually the armor bites goes away after a few troops).

The way the shorts go together with the thighs does not allow for further trimming, as removing more excess material might cause pinching in other places. I think I just have to glue on some kind of rubber edge trim on the bottom of the shorts instead.

Me and two of my room mates had the most hilarious time trying to get all parts on. Tomorrow, I also convinced them to help me dress up with the remaining parts which are in a semi-wearable state. That is the helmet (fits quite well now), torso, shoulders (need a few bolts tomorrow). It’s going to be quite an experience.