The See-Threepio walks

As promised, here are some pictures from my first test fit of the different parts (legs, chest and arms). Unfortunately, there are quite a lot of parts, and to get everything on requires a lot of help. The legs are ok to get on by oneself, but the chest, arms, shoulder rings, helmet etc. are impossible to get on without a helping hand, or, maybe three four? And when fully dressed, one’s pretty much helpless. How is this gonna end, it’s going to be exciting to see. So far it’s been absolutely exciting to try the different parts on, it’s like seeing a character slowly taking shape!

The first thing I noticed when I got the legs and shoe shells on, was how difficult it was to walk. As I may have mentioned previously, the shoe shells are quite stiff…and the shins cover the shells, the weight of the thighs go on top of that again. One ends up walking just like Threepio not only because it’s fun…but because you’re so restricted motion-wise, that it IS the only choice. I can’t imagine how it’s going to be when the shorts are finished. I also got to find a way to trim the top of the shoes, because it hurts a lot for each step I take.

Another thing I should mention is the right leg. I am not sure if all the droid parts are recast from an original costume source. But the right leg has this strange deformation/bend, kind of like what you see from the picture below. This strange bend forces the right leg into a very strange and sometimes painful position, and together with the right shin being smaller than the left one…makes this quite..let’s say an interesting costume experience. All right, stay up for more updates when I get more parts finished!

Sir, if you’ll not be needing me, I’ll close down for awhile“.

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