A race against time.

I came to realize that I don’t have much time until all the parts are supposed to be done for vacuum metallizing. It’s November already (!), it’s soon going to start to snow and the exam period is starting very soon, then I also have a project thesis waiting to be finished.

Because I don’t have a room where I can work and paint (prime) parts, I am totally dependent on doing this outside in the back yard..and if it starts to snow I don’t know what to do. I’ll probably initial my secret back-up plan; which is to use the basement. But ventilation there is non-existent, and fiberglass dust heaps up real quick…so, I am crossing fingers that I will be finished with all my parts till mid-December. And that the snow will be delayed.

Remaining parts to be finished:
1 ) Helmet front (bondo, fiberglass, sanding and priming)
2 ) Helmet back (sanding and priming)
3 ) Assembly of resin neck bolts + screws
4 ) Fiberglass shorts (sanding, priming, modding the registration keys, adding connection bolts), trimming the bottom.
5 ) Chest greeblies (need to drill holes on the chest and attach these with tiny screws)
6 ) Shoulder ring (fasten shoulder bell to shoulder ring)
7 ) Sand the shoe shells, making the holes for the shoe laces.
8 ) Cutting open hand plates and adding hinges.
9 ) Adding hinges to the shins.

…Goodness gracious me!


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