The Frankenstein’s Monster Hypothesis

I seriously suspect my neighbours think that there’s a crazy guy lurking around the basement at night. As I might have told you guys before, I’m currently using the basement as a working area. The basement is shared among all the flats in the whole building, however it’s mostly empty and lifeless…Except during the nights, when I’m lurking down there! (Shh…) Occasionally you hear the sound of a dremel, other times hammering, geesh, I can just imagine what people think is going on down there!

The fact (unfortunately) is that the work load at university is getting a bit heavy, and on the other hand I have a dead line with the droid build. My strategy is therefore to work on the droid parts after coming home from office around 20-21. Then I try to be effective with at least 2 hours of working with parts.

Yesterday, the largest light bulb in the basement just decided to quit on me…and the result is a semi-lit basement where I am standing with a gas mask and working with the droid parts. Call me paranoid, but the Threepio head is kind of freaky when you work with it in a dark basement. And then you got a head over there, a leg in the corner, and a shoe shell on top of that again. Occasionally, you also got the most amazing dust and primer contamination down there, and then you just have to bail out. Yes, it’s a battlefield down there. I’m fighting myself through it with power tools and a bit of determination.

Thank the maker that none of my neighbours have tried to walk into the basement when I’m there after dark, because I don’t know who’s going to scare who, because sometimes it feels like I’m in some sick horror movie when working there alone.

Let’s see when this monster of mine is done!


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