Back mod finally complete!

Ok, just finished some work on the droid again.

Finally, the back mod is complete! I have now installed the total 24 rare earth magnets that make up the fastening system for the back. 3 magnets are placed on each of the four corners at respectively the back plate, and the back plate cover. These magnets are really strong, and now the back plate cover just snaps on the back plate. It should not fall off that easily, I have to use at least two hands to remove the plate; Everything is kept at the perfect position with the help from magnetism..yes, it’s totally magic! Thank you mother earth! (Kudos to Mr.Tea for this mod)

I also got to drill in the holes for the shorts, and installed the registration tabs. I’ve barely started to attach the M5 and M3 nuts which will be holding the two short halves together with the bolts. This can be seen from the picture below (The two latter bolts are not screen accurate, nor is the two-halves solution, but that was my only way of making everything wearable). Still some sanding and priming work remains. By the way, I tried to try on these shorts a few hours ago; it’s a perfect fit…almost too perfect because it requires some squeezing and pushing to get in, but once you’re bolted in, it’s quite comfortable actually.

I also got to install one of the largest brass chest greeblies!

Now I really have to go to bed, or else I’m gonna regret tomorrow! Stay tuned for more updates tomorrow!

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