Restraining bolt attachment

Today I fiberglassed on the magnets on the chest that will be keeping the (optional) restraining bolt in place. The restraining bolt is the official R2 Builder’s Club version I got from fellow droid builder GS. Total 4 magnets is now in place and tomorrow the fiberglass will be fully hardened, such that the restraining bolt can be taken on and off without the magnets shifting position.

I am (again) surprised how strong the magnets are. It seems like that the 4 magnets will keep the restraining bolt in place, even during normal movement. Can’t wait to see the results tomorrow! Stay tuned for pictures tomorrow!

Here is Luke Skywalker putting on (or removing?) the restraining bolt on See-Threepio:

See-Threepio wearing the restraining bolt under Jawa captivity in ANH:


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