I have a bad feeling about this…

All right, a quick update on today’s progress. The helmet tabs should be pretty much finished tomorrow, which means that the two helmet halves can be taken on and screwed properly together with the resin neck bolts. I’ve chosen to use the resin bolts instead of the brass ones due to the brass being too heavy. Threepio is uncomfortable that it is, so no need to further increase the suffering..

The fiberglass shorts can now be worn without tape! Please note that these two shorts halves are bolted together using..not 3..not 4..but 6 bolts! It’s a bit over kill, but one can always choose not to screw on the two last bolts. Today I actually used an electric drill to literary bolt myself into the shorts, using a normal screw driver is slow and cumbersome, and requires at least one person (it’s most convenient with two people). One keeping the two short halves together, while another person screws. Mr.Tea was right; My goodness, the shorts is of the worst fit ever!

Now I just have to trim the shorts a bit as to allow the two thighs to slide on. The situation as it is now, is that the shorts block the thighs from reaching all the way to the top. I have to draw a few trim lines and carefully remove material on the shorts. This is gonna be fun, because once this work is done, the shorts, thighs and shins can be worn together, and we’ll finally see how uncomfortable it is to actually walk in this thing…I have a bad feeling about this.

I had to keep my legs bent as not to let the thighs slide down while I took the picture. That explains the rather ackward standing position. Stay tuned for more updates!

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