Pinched, pinch·ing, pinch·es

Pinch of the skin

The term “pinch” often refers to the action being taken on the skin. A pinch of the skin displaces the skin and blood beneath from its natural position, and may inflict a minor degree of pain, which may increase if the amount of skin being pinched is smaller, but is usually tolerable to most.

Pinching the skin can result in pinch marks, a cutaneous condition.

All right, seems like the build is proceeding with light-speed. I’ve been working on the suit the last 3 hours, and it seems like things are starting to take shape, and it’s basically in a semi-wearable condition, although a lot of details and work remains. But hey, it fits after all, and you can always live with a bit of pain.

What I realized today, is that the shorts really is the trouble area. And I totally understand why they changed over to rubber shorts in ESB and ROTJ. Mobility is so restricted. Because I had to modify the fiberglass shorts to fit me, and plus the fact that I am a bit taller than AD, it leaves a few gaps here and there, as the thighs doesn’t cover the bottom part of the shorts everywhere. The Disney/TK-409 C-3PO is like this as well, but they seem to have much more mobility than me. Walking as it is now is painful. The shorts pinches in two places, however it is possible to learn the proper walking as to avoid this pinch. But when it really pinches, it’s so painful that I basically scream like a cry-baby, just out of pure instinct. It’s like the normal armor bite..power of two! (For those who don’t know what armor bites are; it’s something stormtroopers often experience when they first troop in their armor. It’s caused by a new (and unused, often badly trimmed) armor pinching. Risk areas are behind the knees and around the middle arm joints. Usually the armor bites goes away after a few troops).

The way the shorts go together with the thighs does not allow for further trimming, as removing more excess material might cause pinching in other places. I think I just have to glue on some kind of rubber edge trim on the bottom of the shorts instead.

Me and two of my room mates had the most hilarious time trying to get all parts on. Tomorrow, I also convinced them to help me dress up with the remaining parts which are in a semi-wearable state. That is the helmet (fits quite well now), torso, shoulders (need a few bolts tomorrow). It’s going to be quite an experience.


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