“No matter what I do, I’ll come to the same end…termination.”

No matter what I do, I’ll come to the same end…termination.
This is one of the strangest EU (expanded universe) characters I’ve ever stumbled across. Let me present C-3PX, Cybot Galactica 3PX-series protocol droid programmed as an assassin droid. (There you also got a neat way of joining the 501st with a protocol, don’t think there are any at all in the Garrison so far.)
According to wookieepedia, C-3PX was acquired by Darth Maul (I am..so confused now) and worked as his assistant. C-3PX featured eighty-three weapons, some of them which were neatly concealed under different parts of its droid body. From the various official picture sources, it is also seems like he carries at least 3 different BFGs at any time; now that’s a good excuse to buy an DLT-19 heavy blaster rifle or a T-21 light repeating blaster. C-3PX is further described being a cold, calculating droid, who dispatched those he was commanded to kill easily.
Below is an interesting picture of C-3PO (TK-409) and a home made C-3PX from Dragoncon! Looks confusing right? Must be really freakish for the public to see a protocol droid armed with blasters, I can’t even think of any places to wear such a costume except Celebration. Even then, I think people will get confused!
It should be noted that the original C-3PO costume was not designed to hold any large weapons. The joints and hands are simply too restrictive, and considering the fact that one can barely move, the practical issues of handling any extra props such as blasters strapped on the back etc would be too many.
Anyways, still an..ehm..let us say an interesting and colorful addition to the Star Wars Expanded Universe. Maybe someone should make an assassin R2 Unit to accompany C-3PX?…
RX-D2? R2-X2? X2-Z2?
The opportunities are endless folks!

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