Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Today, I was working late with some droid parts again, and here’s what happened. As I might have told before, I work in the basement which is shared among all flats in this building. Today I used the washing room due to the light conditions being much better there compared to the storage basement room, and while fiberglassing…guess what? For the first time, I see one of our neighbours coming down to do laundry. Unfortunately, the washing machine was occupied. Anyways, I take off my gas mask, and don’t quite know how to respond to the whole (rather ackward) situation. The See-Threepio head is around my arm. I look at him, and he looks at me. Then he muffles something I cannot comprehend, I assume he is trying to speak English to me (it was a very primitive dialect, as See-Threepio would’ve recalled). And as protocol dictates (I always do this as to avoid humiliation of both parts), I speak Norwegian back to him.

He seemed curious and asks me what I am making. To be on the safe side, I ask him back if he has seen “Star Wars”. He stops for a while, and started to muble something, again I had a hard time understanding him. From his facial expression, it looked like he was trying to figure out the character’s name. “C-3PO, it’s See-Threepio” I say. He nodded to confirm, and seemed very impressed. Silence, he looked at me, and I looked at him again. Then he left.


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