Neck bolts and fastening hook completed.

Now the fastening hook is finally done, this technique together with the neck bolts safely secures the two helmet halves together. A bolt on the head entenna is screwed through the top of the fastening hook on the top. This is how they fastened the helmet in the movies as well.

The only uncomfortable place while wearing the helmet for an extended time is the ears, which are kind of squeezed in between plastic cards and the back halve. Due to the ears being pressed on to the helmet, it’s very uncomfortable to have people knock on the helmet due to the sound it makes. It feels like you put your ear on a table, and people start knocking on the table. I actually think it is one of the things one have to be extra aware of when wearing the costume. Extra caution should be made to avoid such situations at it may cause ear damage..seriously.

Please note that the head antenna and neck bolts are all resin. This is to save some extra weight.


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