Never tell me the odds!

All right, some rather bad news; it seems like the Vacuum Metallizing shop in Beijing isn’t interested in doing the job after all.

“We’re doomed..”

However, as I am slightly more optimistic than Threepio, I have located a new factory just outside Beijing. I will take the droid parts to Beijing nevertheless, but my new strategy will be to call them and arrange a meeting as to show them the parts and discuss the work load. It is more easier to make up a good deal and achieve a mutual degree of understanding when meeting people face to face instead of via mail. This factory also has more experience in working with fiberglass parts, which is just what I am looking after.

Well, on the building front, I can tell that I’ve spent the last 2 hours today working on the fingers. They are now cut out and trimmed such that they can be worn with a certain degree of finger mobility. The helmet still miss the last few layers of finishing primer, but that shouldn’t be too difficult. Still a bit of priming work also remains on the shorts.


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