See-Threepio first costume screen test #Take 2

I almost choked my food when I stumbled across this video. The first screen tests of R2-D2 which is a quite rare footage from the LFL archives I’ve seen before, but the same test featuring C-3PO was quite a new discovery to me. A similar footage exists for the Stormtrooper as well, however I’ve only seen a few pictures of it, and have yet to see the full footage.

Anyways, @01:22 shows one of the earliest costume screen tests of C-3PO. It’s interesting to see how AD tries to walk normal, I bet it could’ve not been easy…or comfortable for that matter! Please note the shorts, it seems heavily modified, at least having a large portion of the bottom part trimmed off (ref: last picture below). Also notice the missing left hand plate.

Can you see the yet to be finished Landspeeder in the background?

Here are a few screencaps I grabbed from the video above:

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