Departure to Beijing

All right, everything is now packed together. Seems like all parts fit into two suitcases; one large hard shell, and a smaller softshell. Cylindrical shaped parts ended up in the softshell, since cylinders are of such a geometry that it takes external loading (such as pressure) much better than other shapes. The internal stress in a cylinder exposed to external pressure will be distributed as normal/membrane stress, and NOT bending stress like for instance a box. Stress concentrations such as in corners etc. is avoided. The result is that cylinderical shapes can take quite a beating, without the risk of cracking or damage. So there you go, today’s engineering/packing tip number one! Let’s cross our fingers on that theory works out in practice as well…

The two helmets go with me as hand luggage. Can’t risk ending up with a helmet of multiple pieces.

Let’s see if we can find any companies who are willing to metallize this protocol. As I am unsure whether I can access my blog in Beijing or not, I would like to wish all my visitors (in advance) with the following greetings:

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year”. See you hopefully very soon!

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