The Fear of the Mighty Galactic Empire

Strictly speaking, this is not C-3PO related, but still something worth to share with all fellow Star Wars geeks and geekettes.

On the 19th and the 20th of January, our local 501st Garrison (Nordic Garrison) was involved in a musical production by the Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra called “Star Wars Suite by John Williams”. (It was first named “Star Wars In Concert” and three shows were set up between 18th and 20th, but due to unknown reasons (probably related to restrictions set by Lucasfilm Ltd.) the production had to be renamed, and the number of shows reduced to two.)

The conductor, Lucas Richman was very fun to work with. Always energetic and eager to entertain the audience both musically and acting-wise. However, it was natural, due to the show being an orchestra production that the main focus throughout the show was to be on the orchestra. But still, our Garrison was able to join in on two small sketches featuring Mr.Richman, and it should be noted that many of the ideas came from the conductor himself. Our main objective was to entertain the audience during the start, intermission and the end of the concert.

The most difficult part of the show (which might not have looked anything difficult at all) was the entrance of the Imperial forces during the second part of the Imperial March performance. There are two things that the Empire hate; poorly illuminated (dark side..hehe) places,…and stairs (The Star Wars Exhibition in Örnskoldsvik back in 2008 had them both!). This time however, we were presented with a little bit of a twist. We were to march down the main aisle in pairs, which barely fit two people. Things were also made difficult due to the whole area being very poorly lit. And just to top it all, we also got inside-tip from the production team that the audience *might* have put their purses in the main aisle. Stormtroopers can’t really see anything which is beneath shoulder-height, and the Tie Pilots which were originally positioned to lead our way had to swift places with two officers due to the oxygen tubes restricting their vision. We thought we were prepared from the rehearsal the day before, but we could never see this coming.

You see, it doesn’t take much to stop the mighty Galactic Empire, you just have to know their weakness(es).

(Darth Vader had of course nothing to fear because he could walk individually down the aisle and avoiding any purses barricading his way.)

Luckily, the purses were removed (by Imperial spies?) before our entrance, and no Imperial forces were hurt from this rather small incident which could’ve turned very ugly (if you’ve never seen falling Stormtroopers before in real life, it looks something like this and this.) Pictures will be posted once they are released by the Imperial Propaganda Department.


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