Tripp trapp hestesko, an Alden 405 review.

Thanks to Indy Riv over at for the Aldens!

A quick update on the Aldens I recieved on saturday from Indy Riv over at Club-Obi Wan (’s forum). These should be size 9.5, and they fit just perfectly (thanks Indy Riv, whoever you are). I can’t say how much I love these boots, they offer very good ankle support, and are one of the most comfortable shoes/boots I’ve ever worn. It’s actually hard not to pretend being Indiana Jones when wearing these, and I keep looking at the boots when I walk because they’re so iconic, and so recognizable in the movie (after looking through HD screen caps that is!)

Today, I can proudly say that I felt like 50% Harrison Ford, 45% Indy, 4% Han Solo, and 1% Clint Eastwood. Funny thing is..that these shoes have a steel shanks that run inside the heel and arch of the boot. The feeling of walking around with these are similar to Imperial Riding boots (the same type of boots as used by Han Solo and Imperial Officers), and certain types of Cowboy boots. Being more used to sneakers and low-profile kind of footwear, I ended up with this very strange walking, kind of cowboyish, like a combination of these two. It takes some time to adjust oneself to this. And it’s also got this nice tapping sound when you walk indoor, tripp trapp, it’s like the sound of a horse walking on a bricky street. Not that convenient when sneaking around secret Nazi hideouts.

Due to the shoes being almost new, they still feel a bit stiff, but I’ll be wearing these shoes daily now, so hopefully they’ll become even more comfortable over time. These shoes works for both work, hiking, a walk through the park, but they are also excellent for beating up nazi soldiers, horse riding and swimming in the Amazon river. BUT, beware, they do get slippery on icy and snowy surfaces, which I got to experience this morning. But you should be all right if you walk like this. Let’s just hope the cork sole holds up. I know members over at COW send in these Aldens to the manufacturer for repairs and maintenance when they get old, so it’s good they offer these kind of service.

So, what are you waiting for? Go and buy yourself an Alden 405, you won’t be disappointed!

That's gonna hurt!

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