Dynamic Emotion Response Curve: TPM 3D Edition

While SW: The Phantom Menace 3D is still fresh in my memory system, I did a quick run through the DERC with it. The DERC ™: Dynamic Emotion Response Curve is just an idea I had for a few years back, of how to in a quick, informative and interesting way  present someone’s interest in a movie, based on emotional triggering/stimulation.

*Start of irony and sarcasm*

By taking statistics, math and science into account, The DERC represents a radical new trend in data representation within the film sciences. By using an unique technique developed by myself which includes the latest within Computational neuroscience technology and statistical tools (Adobe Photoshop, notebook and Excel), we have a new way to approach the understanding of movie watching.

With a graphical curve representing the test subject’s emotion change over the movie’s running time, analyzing the movie is easier than ever. You can even run the DERC with different mathematical models for further analysis. Further models can even used for comparison, and will even feature happiness vs. sadness parameters.

*End of irony and sarcasm*

The definition of emotion used in this graphical representation is a mixture of the following key parameters: Excitement, happiness, degree of interest and entertainment value.

Please mail me for those who want to participate in the DERC project. No human brains were hurt during the analysis of this movie.

For archived DERC data, please follow these links:


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