Leap of Faith, backyard style.

Every day when I come home from office from the backyard/back alley (you see…sometimes I just have to avoid using the front entrance because I am dodging certain missionaries lurking around in my neighborhood…another story), I have to walk through this very dark alley. It’s just enough sheltered that snow doesn’t reach the very ground and gets trapped there, but there is a tendency of melted water collecting itself, making a fairly large puddle which covers just about the whole alley breadthwise.

Please note that this puddle is deep enough to get oneselves pretty wet, if one is so unlucky to step into it fall into it, and it’s just about large enough not being a one you cannot just ‘step’ over discreetly. I bet cats can drown in it, and I am sure old people would rather take the risk of going the normal route through icy roads and busy traffic and through the front entrance, than facing this puddle.

Now, due to the absent of any light sources in this alley, you can just barely see some light reflections on the puddle. Making it just about visible enough to give you an idea of the size and magnitude of the obstacle you are to face. Every day, just like Indiana Jones in “Last Crusade” I stop just about near the puddle, and do the Leap of Faith-thing. I can assure you, it is really a ‘blind’ Leap of Faith into the unknown darkness. Luckily, one big step is really what takes to overcome it; and when wearing my Aldens, it’s all magic.

Yes, I smile everytime I do it.

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