Necessary accessory

Where would Indy be without the bullwhip on his side? Well, probably laying dead in that water hole in the beginning of Raider’s. (Don’t you remember? He uses the bullwhip to remove the hand gun from that bad guy sneaking up behind him..)

Anyways, since my bullwhip bought nearly 4 year ago was a budget version I picked up from the Bay, I thought it was time to get myself a proper screen-accurate one. This one’s supposedly made in Kangaroo hide, just like the one used in the movies.

Here are a couple of pictures of an actual screen-used whip from one of the Indy movies (with reference: Whip maker David Morgan supplied more than 30 bullwhips of the 450 series for the Indy movies. His company still sell the 450 series, and the price is about 955 USD for the screen accurate one of correct length of 10 ft. But then, you’re sure to get one of the best bullwhips in the world.

Don’t forget to check out this awesome clip which really shows what can be achieved by a good old bullwhip. And while you’re already on youtube, why not check this one out as well?

Screen used David Morgan 450 series bullwhip.

This guy ended up dead in that cave, I guess it was due to bad karma..

Comparison between budget-bullwhip and the more SA one.


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