Packing for adventure.

  1. Leather jacket, CHECK
  2. Adventure shirt(s), CHECK
  3. Fedora, CHECK
  4. Bull Whip, CHECK
  5. Alden boots, CHECK
  6. Travel pants, men’s 40s style, CHECK
  7. Military (wool blend socks), CHECK
  8. MKVII Gas Mask bag, CHECK
  9. First aid kit, CHECK
  10. Leather working gloves, CHECK
  11. Revolver belt, revolver and holster.
  12. Sunblock, CHECK
  13. Camera, CHECK
  14. Black neck tie, ala. Last Crusade style.

…see you guys later. Let’s hope the Arab Spring do not reach my travel destination.


6 thoughts on “Packing for adventure.

    • you’re pretty close; we’re heading to Jordan. I am really looking forward to the Dead sea, all the archeological sites, Petra, King’s road and pretty much the rest of Jordan!

      • Well I’ve had a lot of friends visit Jordan, which is relatively safe for Americans as long as we don’t sport the Star of David. The Dead Sea is cool; will you be putting mud on and going inside? If so, do not shave anything for three days before and if you have a cut anywhere don’t go in…painful šŸ™‚ Enjoy!

      • Hehehe, I am planning to take a little dip in the water yes. Actually, I hate swimming in the sea, as I think fresh water is much more comfortable. But then, it seems like it’s one of those “must do’s” while coming to Jordan, so I’ll put my habits aside :).

        Can’t wait!

      • Good! I’ve only done it once, although I’ve visited the Dead Sea a few times. Once is enough for me…your skin will feel SO good afterwards and you will stink.

  1. hahah, I also heard that the water has this kind of viscosity feel to it..yuck. I assume there are places to shower there once you have paid and entered the beach area?

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