Fully chromed but not yet functional

Fresh out from the chroming work shop.

Came back from the chroming workshop with fellow 501st Chinese Outpost member “Lao-Pi”. One of the things which really keep me amazed is how incredible the suit looks after chroming. The previous dull untreated grey primer surface did look protocol-like, but with the gold on, it’s really something different.

The whole suit got this glow on it which really sets it apart. I am surprised over how good the results were. But here’s the bad news. Due to all parts expect the shoes and helmet front half being HIPS and ABS plastic, these parts got deformed a bit due to the temperature treatment during the painting process. The shoes are not really the problem, but the deformation on the helmet front half is quite extensive, but it may be fixable with a heatgun, some raw guts (a bit of luck) and lots of patience.

I’ll tell you more about the parts when these are all safely shipped back to Norway!

Goodness gracious me.

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