Armed with Pistons.

Today, I finally got to work on the arms. Due to the massive weight of the brass pistons, I’ve chosen to use the resin pistons instead. These came with the kit, and are lightweight, pretty sturdy and fit perfectly onto the arms. I have painted these with a high-quality gold “chrome” spray, giving it a slight brass-like tint.
The pistons are attached to the arm brackets using steel “pins” which are easily made with the same rivets I used for the “pins” for keeping the two shin-parts together. These worked perfect, although I still have to bend and cut them to make them less visible.

The pistons are fully functional!

Stay tuned for future updates. I’ll be working on arm greeblies and hands!



I have to apologize for the lack of updates lately. This is due to moving and me just starting to work at an engineering office. The See-Threepio project is still on going, however, on a slower pace than usual. Today, I met up with a local R2-builder (who has an awesome life-sized aluminium Astromech on the assembly line. It’s gonna have CO2 extinguisher, smoke machine, workable radar (ala. ESB) and tons of awesome functions which I cannot wait to see).

Anyways, we got the eyes lit up. And GOODNESS GRACIOUS me, what a difference! Before, C-3PO was merely a lifeless golden statue, now with the lights on, it’s like he got a soul..he has finally become a golden boy!


For the eyes, I’ve used “rice lights”, which are tiny light bulbs with a yellowish tint. The 6 lights are connected to a battery pack which will be on my back, easily accessable through the back panel.


The gap you see will be gone once my big fat head’s in the helmet.

Anyways, here’s a list of the remaining things to do before I can declare this costume to be fully wearable in it’s most basic stage. (It’s basically for myself to get an overview over remaining stuff to do):

  • Buy bungee chords for keeping shins and thighs together.
  • Find a clever way to fasten the bungee chords.
  • Buy screws and nuts in US sizes.
  • Add nuts on the arms to connect upper and lower arms.
  • Paint the resin arm pistons (will be using the resin version as a temporary solution).
  • Permanently attach the eyes.
  • Fix the bungee chord solution for the shoulder bells.
  • Fasten the hinges on the right leg.
  • Assemble the hands and fingers, attach the hand brass greeblies.
  • Padding for the helmet.
  • Finish the belly section (sew on a zipper, glue on silverish detailing things, attach the cables. Paint extra cabel details).
  • Add padding on places which are expected to be exposed to lots of friction and wear.
  • Make the shoe shells wearable.
  • ++ when will this end..?

I’m doomed..