Stalking a Wookiee.

Let me tell you about something. There is this guy who works in the cantina at the engineering office. I swear, he is just as tall as Peter Mayhew, exactly the same build and height. He even walks like him. I see this guy almost everyday, and each time I can’t stop imagining him inside a Wookiee suit. He would have made the best Chewbacca, no kidding. Sometimes I just want to talk to him and befriend him, but I am not sure at the moment whether I dare to take this step.

Yesterday, I ended up on the same bus as him on my way home from work (this was purely a coincidence, I promise!), I ended up giving him strange looks from where I stood. I hope I am not giving him the wrong signals, as I am definitely not trying to hit him up!

I can’t stop being that creepy stalker.