Well, the year of 2012 is now beyond us. The world did certainly not go under (I did my preparations though by going to the cinema and watch the Hobbit, just to have it get over with, and just in case human kind was not to survive another day.)

Now lets see, 2012 has been a great year. I seem to recall having all the See-Threepio parts fully gold chromed, which was a great personal achievement indeed. However, there are plenty of work left to do to make it fully wearable, and in such a condition where it is comfortable enough to walk at least 5 meters without having to stop and cry rest because of pain and pinching in strange places. There are also a few parts that I am thinking of improving and changing. First of all,

The year of 2012 is also the year where I have left the school table and embarked a journey toward full adulthood. I have now started working full time at a well-respectable engineering firm (not programming binary load lifters though), and now fills my spare time doing adultery things, such as dressing up in costumes exploring book shops and going to restaurants.

For 2013, here are my New Year’s ReSolutions:

1) Finish See-Threepio, attend Legoland (Star Wars weekends in Billund Denmark in June), and Celebration in Essen Germany.

2) Exercise, exercise. One can’t simply risk not to fit into the suit once it’s all finished!

3) Work more efficiently, get more spare-time to do adultery things such as exploring (comic) book stores, travelling and restaurants.

4) Finish See-Threepio. Replacing the deformed ABS helmet with a more flexible resin helmet (this is already bought, just need to trim it, prime it and find a way of chroming it). Replacing ABS shoe shells with rubber shoes (the rubber shoes are also bought, just need a way of chroming these as well). Replace the uncomfortable fiberglass shorts with the ABS version.

5) Finish See-Threepio.


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