My new complete screen-accurate C-3PO gear.

Here is a teaser of my completed screen-accurate C-3PO costume. It is the first time I’ve tried on all of the parts at once! The chrome looks absolutely stunning and super-reflective. I’ve tried to replicate the belly section from the original trilogy the best I can, however, beware that these do not match any suit as seen on screen. I kind of like the wires as they are organized in ANH much better, as they should be much more “messier” than what is seen in the prequels.

I have chosen not to weather the suit, and being fully gold chromed, I’d say it is more of a mix between ROTS and ANH (with the rather messy wired belly section).TEASER HERE!


Making walking fun again.

Now, there has been ages without updates, please forgive me for that. I’ve just bought a new apartment and have very busy moving in and making it nerd and Star Wars-friendly.

With that being said, the lack of updates have not meant that I’ve not been working on C-3PO. The molds for the vacuum formed shorts are almost finished. The front short is already cast in plaster, with some minor tweeking (filling of air bubbles) and sanding left. The back piece is still in clay, however, it may be finished within the next couple of weeks. Then it is vacuum formed with thin styrene and hopefully spray painted chrome using Alclad and yellow/red-combo clear coat. Plan B is to use gold (chrome) foil from 3M.

I have also gotten a new spray chromed head, which is made of a type of flexible resin. Although it is a bit smaller than the ABS head, it is far more comfortable to put on. But the size makes moving the jaw up and down a bit harder..which may affect talking, but this only takes a bit more practice.

I am also thinking about doing some modifications on the shoe shells. As it is now, the feet are just one piece. Last time I tried the shoes on together with the shins, each step I took was rather painful. However, from watching a few pictures from ANH, I stumbled across this one, which shows that the right shoe shell is cut in half for this particular scene:

Notice the right two-pieced shoe shell.

I am planning to do the same with mine. By cutting the shell in half, and connecting the two parts with elastics will will definitely make walking more comfortable and more natural-looking! No more pain..! I thought costuming was supposed to be fun, right?

Shoe shell modification

Shoe shell modification