Cat grass planted!

I’ve just planted my first pot of cat grass. Hopefully, this will keep the two little ones away from my other plants in the apartment. From the instruction manual, it said that it’ll take about 4-5 days for the grass to grow in ideal conditions with sunlight. Now, here in Norway during winter time, light is sparse. I am crossing all my fingers.

Now, it’s time to get myself that scratching tower! And I think I’ll be all set.


BRP-1: Blog Revitalization Project, phase-1.

Sorry to all my readers (whoever actually reads my blog..) that I haven’t been able to produce much updates lately. The C-3PO project is still an on-going project. But just as the future’s always in change, one’s life is dynamic as well. In the very very near future, I will become a foster parent for two lovely Felis silvestris catuses. Or in plain english, two felines; two cats…猫, gatto, Hauskatze whatever floats your boat.

It’s going to be interesting to shift from a more self-centered life style to focusing on these two fellows. I know that it’s going to turn my life upside down, but I will take this challenge with seriousness and a sense of great responsibility. FYI, I’ve never been a foster home for any cats before, but do have some experience with cats and dogs. To handle a cat that I’ve not known since its being a kitten is going to be totally new to me.

So, for the next upcoming days, I’m doing a slight (temporary) transition from my C-3PO blog to a small Cat Foster Home blog. This is both for my own record’s sake, but a part of the grand plan is also for it to be a show-case for anyone who are interested in adopting these two little fellows.

So, as the well-prepared person I am. I’ve already paid a visit to my local pet store. To increase the survival chance of my current plants, I’ve bought some cat grass. I need to plant these soon so they get a chance to grow before the two new guests dig in. I’ve already prepared the cat toilet, a scratch thing is ready but not yet hung up..(might get a scratch tower later, it’s cheaper than buying a new sofa..).

Welcome to my new life.

PS! If you’d like to share your experiences with cats, being a foster home for cats or anything, don’t hesitate to contact me!