BRP-1: Blog Revitalization Project, phase-1.

Sorry to all my readers (whoever actually reads my blog..) that I haven’t been able to produce much updates lately. The C-3PO project is still an on-going project. But just as the future’s always in change, one’s life is dynamic as well. In the very very near future, I will become a foster parent for two lovely Felis silvestris catuses. Or in plain english, two felines; two cats…猫, gatto, Hauskatze whatever floats your boat.

It’s going to be interesting to shift from a more self-centered life style to focusing on these two fellows. I know that it’s going to turn my life upside down, but I will take this challenge with seriousness and a sense of great responsibility. FYI, I’ve never been a foster home for any cats before, but do have some experience with cats and dogs. To handle a cat that I’ve not known since its being a kitten is going to be totally new to me.

So, for the next upcoming days, I’m doing a slight (temporary) transition from my C-3PO blog to a small Cat Foster Home blog. This is both for my own record’s sake, but a part of the grand plan is also for it to be a show-case for anyone who are interested in adopting these two little fellows.

So, as the well-prepared person I am. I’ve already paid a visit to my local pet store. To increase the survival chance of my current plants, I’ve bought some cat grass. I need to plant these soon so they get a chance to grow before the two new guests dig in. I’ve already prepared the cat toilet, a scratch thing is ready but not yet hung up..(might get a scratch tower later, it’s cheaper than buying a new sofa..).

Welcome to my new life.

PS! If you’d like to share your experiences with cats, being a foster home for cats or anything, don’t hesitate to contact me!

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