Limiting feeding time.

I’ve been told by some people to always have food available in the bowl at any time. However, just recently I’ve experienced Pia (the foster cat) to poop A LOT.., and she is always the one screaming for extra treats when I am either cooking or eating. She eats a lot and steals food from Nora (the other cat). The veterinary also wrote that Pia had experienced quite a unhealthy gain of body weight.

After a conversation with the last foster home, who limited feeding time to one hand full once in the morning and once at night, I thought I’d try the same. In addition to this, I am trying to find a way to exercise Pia more. She is the one who never plays as much as Nora, and always prefers the games requiring the least amount of energy.

Laser pointer, phhhhfff..not amused [Pia].


Nora, the Philosopher.

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