Hello there fellow visitor,

I am iWee, and I am a Protocol Droid Builder and a member of the C3PO-Builder’s club. I am a recent master’s degree graduate from NTNU in Trondheim (Norway aka. Hoth). My field of study is Naval Architecture specializing in structural design. At the moment, I am working full-time in an engineering firm at a secret disclosed location in Oslo, Norway.

The purpose of this blog is to document and to share the progress of my Protocol Droid/C-3PO build. For you as a visitor, I hope to inspire you, and to help you gain more knowledge of what it takes to build such a wearable droid costume. Please do not hesitate to comment on my progress, whether it’s negative or positive – and ask questions!

See-Threepio (C-3PO) has, together with the Stormtrooper always been one of my favourite Star Wars characters since I was just a boy. Because I’m already a member of the 501st Legion with my Stormtrooper armor, I felt starting on a Threepio would be the next natural step. After all, all future costume projects should be AT LEAST as uncomfortable (if not even worse) than the previous one. Does that make any sense? Probably not.

Anyways, my first cardboard/paper Stormtrooper when I was 11 was in fact just as uncomfortable as a protocol droid, and made walking just as impossible. I guess we
seem to be made to suffer, it’s our lot in life.

The main difference between a Stormtrooper and a Threepio build is that a Stormtrooper comes in a unassembled/untrimmed kit form. Which basically means that all armor parts come in small bits and pieces which requires trimming and gluing. Most kits are vacuum formed in ABS plastic which has a natural white glossy surface, thus making painting unnecessary. A Threepio costume is not supposed to be like an armor in the way a Stormtrooper costume is. The character of the C-3PO is supposed to be a droid, i.e a robot, and the costume is to help create the illusion. All major joints on Threepio are designed to be robotic, thus being hinged in some kind of way. This creates, of course problems in terms of comfort and movement. While the Stormtrooper armor can be easily modified to fit a large range of body types, Threepio does not. It is possible to enlarge a few parts, but only to gain a few extra inches. I will hopefully come back to these topics later on in my blog.

Thanks for visiting my blog! TK-6528..ehr..C-3PO out!

Just because I’m in Indiana Jones mood these days. Shot on location in Jordan.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. Hei!

    Blir spennende å se hvordan det går med deg etter hvert. Er selv like høy/tung som Anthony Daniels, så c3po blir kanskje et neste prosjekt når R2 er ferdig 🙂 Hvor mye må du ut med for å få det metallisert i Bejing? Jeg har også vurdert k3po – vi er jo tross alt på Hoth 😀

    • Hei Lasse!
      Jeg regner med at du er den R2-builderen som Geir har snakket om ;). Hadde vært utrolig kult med K3PO, særlig weatheringen må jo være utrolig morsomt å sitte med, men må ærlig innrømme at jeg har E-3PO (sølv) på min andreplass over favoritt-protokolldroider..det er noe med den reflekterende metalloverflaten som jeg liker :).

      Er ikke helt sikker på VM pris ennå, men regner med at det kommer til å representere en betydelig del av utgiftene, men det er betraktelig billigere å få dette gjort i Beijing enn f,eks USA eller Europa. Det som kan bli mye jobb, kostnader og hodebry er altså å få fraktet deler til Beijing…

  2. Hi I saw a red ranger suit you made on the ranger board and I am very interested in buying one. Please get back at me soon. 🙂

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