About iWee

What about me? On the surface, I might look like the usual asian guy. I'm currently doing a master in Naval Architecture specializing in Structural Engineering. I am probably not going for the PhD (There goes the stereotype!) though. Once you get to know me, you'll quickly realize I'm a bit more like Doc Brown, I like to let my imagination run wild. One day I'm probably gonna build a Time Machine using the office fridge and some random parts I'm going to smuggle out from the lab at university. I'm heading back to '75, starting a new life while I am going to apply for a certain position within the special visual effects department in a certain Light'n Magic-G.Lucas-company. John William's the man, and I like good movies (and turtles).

Multifunction and multi-user desk is shared by people and cats


No more cat-sitting on my keyboard!  Can some of my cat-loving, super-rich friends buy me one of these for Christmas, please?



Imaginary sand

Today, while cooking breakfast, I noticed some strange sounds coming from Pia. There she was, away from her usual spot on the couch and under the table. And voilà, out came the first hairball.

I found this very fascinating because Nora was casually observing it all. She went over, smelled it, and discreetly tried to cover it up with her paws like she does in the cat litter. The only problem is, being that it was on the parquet floor. I guess imaginary sand works just fine, right?

Speaking cats.

The two foster cats have started to express their full vocal vocabulary now. Nora’s meowing often means she wants to play, while Pia’s meowing signalizes she wants to be petted. Today, Nora actually jumped on front of the screen to get my attention. All right, I get the point, I guess I’ve been sitting on front of the computer for too long..