Multifunction and multi-user desk is shared by people and cats


No more cat-sitting on my keyboard!  Can some of my cat-loving, super-rich friends buy me one of these for Christmas, please?


Speaking cats.

The two foster cats have started to express their full vocal vocabulary now. Nora’s meowing often means she wants to play, while Pia’s meowing signalizes she wants to be petted. Today, Nora actually jumped on front of the screen to get my attention. All right, I get the point, I guess I’ve been sitting on front of the computer for too long..

Human vs. Raptor

Today, while vacuum cleaning the living room, I found this raptor claw on the carpet. Apparently, there’s a small baby raptor living in my apartment that is very good in the art of disguise. No wonder why the two foster cats’ food disappear all the time, it’s the raptor..


World’s first non-fossilized Raptor claw.

Dr. Alan Grant scaring the s**t out of the arrogant kid in Steven Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park”.