“Nora’s spot”


Today, Pia (the black and white) foster cat took Nora’s favorite spot on top of the sofa. A staring stand-off was thus initiated. This lasted for about 10 minutes.


Human vs. Raptor

Today, while vacuum cleaning the living room, I found this raptor claw on the carpet. Apparently, there’s a small baby raptor living in my apartment that is very good in the art of disguise. No wonder why the two foster cats’ food disappear all the time, it’s the raptor..


World’s first non-fossilized Raptor claw.

Dr. Alan Grant scaring the s**t out of the arrogant kid in Steven Spielberg’s “Jurassic Park”.

A sleeping human is a safe human.

Cat Philosophy lesson one:

A sleeping human is a safe human.

Yesterday I woke up in the middle of the night and saw four eyes looking at me curiously. It was my two foster cats sitting on my bed and observing me sleep. Apparently, I am less scary when I am laying flat down on a bed. I guess curiosity is a good thing, and it stimulates for play and exploration for the two cats.

I wonder what they do in the apartment when I’m at work.

One day to go!

One day to go!

There is only one day left till the two foster cats arrive. I must admit that I am a bit nervous. I guess it’s because I’ve never been fostering cats before, and to have not one, but two (!) unknown cats wandering around my apartment is rather exciting! I say this both in the positive and negative way. Thousand questions pops up in my mind;

What if they don’t the environment, what if they think it smells wrong?

What if they think its layout is totally wrong?

What will they think about my couch? Is the choice of color wrong? My taste of interior design (which I personally think is superb!)?

Is the cat litter box placed in the wrong place? Not very accessable? Where should the food bowl be, does my apartment’s water taste weird?

Is the scratch tower too low? Is the blanket too soft or too hard? Do they prefer wool or cotton? Are my plants scary?

Too cold, too warm?

How will they react to me running around in the apartment in costume?

Should I show them Phantom Menace first..or should I jump straight to A New Hope????!!

Well, I guess I’m just a bit too worried. What they should not be afraid of, is the lack off cuddle and play! I will promise you, I am looking very much to get to know these two ladies better! Welcome to my cat hotel, please enjoy your stay!


By the way…my apartment smells like roses now. It’s the cat litter.