Norwegian R2-Unit in the works by Geir.

I have the most exciting news from a fellow Astromech Droid builder in Oslo (Norway). Geir is a technician, lightning designer and commissioning engineer, and currently running a blog documenting his progress of building a fully functional R2-Unit.

Geir’s R2 will be designed as a radio controlled unit with all the flashy lights and sounds as the real deal (of course it’s real!), and just to top it all, he is currently working on a CO2 smoke system. Yes you heard me right! This means that the R2 will be able to have a system similar to this:

Goodness gracious me!

!!!CO2 Smoke System!!!

His blog can be accessed here: R2 Building Site, Norwegian Unit

Here’s just one awesome clip from “Star Wars” showing R2 trying to save the day.


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