This must be a clone of Pia, one of my foster cats!!!


Imaginary sand

Today, while cooking breakfast, I noticed some strange sounds coming from Pia. There she was, away from her usual spot on the couch and under the table. And voilĂ , out came the first hairball.

I found this very fascinating because Nora was casually observing it all. She went over, smelled it, and discreetly tried to cover it up with her paws like she does in the cat litter. The only problem is, being that it was on the parquet floor. I guess imaginary sand works just fine, right?

Top five eating or dining movie scenes

I’ve come to realize that portrayal of food, or..actual eating scenes in movies are rarely seen unless they are of an important part of the plot. Well, I think there’s a good reason for this, eating civilized while speaking is not easy, and I am sure this is not taught in acting school. You simply cannot risk wasting takes due to actor(s) spraying food particles on either the camera or each other. But despite the difficulties of filming such eating/dining scenes, I see lots of movies where actors do indeed perform in such a natural way where eating food in a scene looks so easy. If I was to decide, I would’ve given Oscar nominations for well executed eating scenes.

Ocassionally we see a few eating/dining scenes in movies that simply blow one away. They are in every respect just as impressive as any complex action- and special effects shot. Here I present my top 5 eating/dining scenes of all times:

1) Hans Landa eating Strudel in “Inglorious Basterds”

Whipped cream is mandatory.

What more should I say..this scene is basically built around Christopher Waltz’ character Hans Landa eating Strudel, and boy, he eats that pastry with such perfection and technical skill that I almost drooled on my lap when I saw this scene at the cinema. This scene pleases me so much that I wish they sold Strudels here, such that I could eat WHILE watching this very scene. Mmm..a Strudel is best served with either vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, custard or vanilla sauce.

2) Hans Landa drinking milk in “Inglorious Basterds”

The thing is, I want to have a glass of MILK when I watch this scene even though I am not thirsty. Now, fetch me a cow.

3) Cypher eating steak in “The Matrix”

Again, the steak in this scene represents an important part of the plot. And when Joe Pantoliano chews that steak, I know that “The Matrix” was worth watching.

4) Bruce Wayne eating soup in Batman (1989)

In this scene, Bruce Wayne is on a date with Vicki Vale. While sitting on this ridiculous long table, they eat some sort of soup. While I am not a particular big fan of soups, this scene really makes me wish I was a bigger fan.

5) Deckard eating noodles in “Blade Runner”

Anything with Harrison Ford is worth watching. Even though the actual eating is not a major part of this scene, it still is fascinating. It’s just a pity that we never see Deckard eat those four pieces of sushi.

Now I managed to make myself hungry..well done.

Armed with Pistons.

Today, I finally got to work on the arms. Due to the massive weight of the brass pistons, I’ve chosen to use the resin pistons instead. These came with the kit, and are lightweight, pretty sturdy and fit perfectly onto the arms. I have painted these with a high-quality gold “chrome” spray, giving it a slight brass-like tint.
The pistons are attached to the arm brackets using steel “pins” which are easily made with the same rivets I used for the “pins” for keeping the two shin-parts together. These worked perfect, although I still have to bend and cut them to make them less visible.

The pistons are fully functional!

Stay tuned for future updates. I’ll be working on arm greeblies and hands!